Moving to Puglia: 10 Reasons Why It’s Your Best Decision Yet

Moving to Puglia: 10 Reasons Why It’s Your Best Decision Yet

Thinking of relocating to Italy? Puglia might just be the perfect place for your new adventure. Here are 10 compelling reasons why moving to Puglia:

1. Slow pace of life 

Puglia offers a serene lifestyle where time seems to pause. Stroll through ancient alleys, engage in unhurried conversations, and embrace the unhurried rhythm of daily life. It’s a place where long, leisurely lunches followed by a relaxing siesta (called here “riposino”) remain a cherished tradition, fostering a sense of unhurried tranquility in everyday living. Enjoy obligatory evening strolls and café gatherings, part of Puglia’s unhurried charm.

2. Excellent cuisine

Puglia’s culinary scene is a celebration of authenticity and flavor diversity. From the globally acclaimed “burrata” to the enticing local markets teeming with the freshest bounty, the region beckons with its gastronomic delights. Delve into the traditional delicacies like “orecchiette” and “strascinate,” embodying the essence of Puglian cuisine. Each dish encapsulates the region’s rich culinary heritage, promising a tantalizing journey into distinctive and savory flavors.

3. Abundant space

Embrace the vastness of Puglia’s properties, adorned with thriving olive groves and fruit-laden trees. The ample spaces offer ideal grounds for cultivating organic herbs and vegetables, encouraging you to craft your perfect sanctuary amidst the tranquil landscapes. Property prices in the countryside are remarkably reasonable, granting larger plots than those available back home. Consider adding a pet dog or even a few chickens to this idyllic setting.

4. Mediterranean climate

Revel in Puglia’s Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters, spectacular spring blooms, and pleasant summers. The region’s inviting climate is punctuated by temperate weather and abundant sunshine, fostering an environment ideal for year-round enjoyment. Spring in Puglia arrives early, bringing breathtaking wildflowers and mild temperatures averaging around 20 degrees. Summer, the most enjoyable season, generally maintains an average temperature of 28 degrees, with only occasional excessively hot weeks throughout the year.

5. Cost of living & price property

At local outdoor cafés, a glass of wine costs around $4-5, while a cappuccino is approximately $1.30. The average price for a beer and a pizza is 9€. Property prices vary: a small Trulli or villetta might start at €30,000, needing substantial renovation. However, habitable villas can be found from €110,000, possibly requiring modernization. A two-bedroom villa with a garden ready for occupancy costs approximately €195,000.

6. Scenic coastline

Moving to Puglia promises a year-round paradise famed for unspoiled beaches and crystal-clear waters. Spanning approximately 800 km from Gargano Promontory to Santa Maria di Leuca, the region offers diverse coastal beauty. The Ionian coast features serene sandy beaches bordered by lush pine forests, while the southern rocky shores boast shallow, clear blue waters. Along the Adriatic coast, rocky stretches reveal hidden sandy coves, like those found in Monopoli, creating natural havens for beach lovers.

7. A warm hospitality

The southern italians are known for being very hospitable, so it should be easy to make new friends and quickly feel at home in this country. Embrace the warmth of Southern Italian hospitality. Engage with friendly locals and become part of the vibrant community. Some Italians speak English, but not all, so it helps to learn the language so you can communicate well wherever you go in the country. Find out the course of our language school –> here

8. Many things to do

Puglia’s millennia-old history showcases diverse Mediterranean influences, offering myriad daily discoveries. Explore the picturesque Itria Valley’s white villages, Alberobello’s iconic trulli, and the coastal charm of Monopoli, Polignano, and Lecce’s historic Baroque. Matera, the world’s oldest city, adds to the allure, while Salento’s captivating coastline and Gargano’s natural splendor delight visitors. And much more that you check in our page,

Never boring. Activities abound, from boat tours to trekking, farm tastings, and cooking classes. In summer, village celebrations enliven the atmosphere with vibrant festivals like the Pizzica dance fest in Salento and the “Festival della Valle d’Itria” opera event in Martina Franca.

9. Exceptional oil & wine

Puglia produces 40% of the olives for Italy. The countryside is covered with thousands of acres of olive trees. Each family has its own piece of land with fruit and olive trees that produce enough oil to a family for the entire year. The regions richly fertile soils and beautiful climate make it a no-brainer as an option for growing grapes. There are many varieties of wines, the most famous are: primitivo, negroamaro, malvasia, nero di troia ect.

10. Easy to reach

Despite its southern peninsular appearance, Puglia isn’t remote. It hosts two airports (Bari and Brindisi) and a railway along the Adriatic coast. Access is convenient with direct flights from various European cities and, from the United States, connections through Rome or Milan make reaching Puglia effortless.

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