2021 Italian language summer school

2021 Italian language summer school

New friendships, fun and addictive activities are the right ingredients for an amazing italian language summer school and an unforgettable language holiday in Italy.

From years we organize the best summer program for international students (14 to 17) who want to learn Italian in one the most beautiful part of Italy: Puglia.  Heavenly beaches, beautiful countrysides and artistic heritages like no other in worlds will be the scenario of your italian language summer school for 2 weeks.

italian language summer school in Italy
Summer school in Italy
italian language summer school

Why choose us:

1. A unique location in Italy

You will be lucky enough to swim in pristine beaches, taste traditional and organic dishes, and learn about places rich in history. You will live in Alberobello, Unesco Heritage site and capital of “trulli“!

2. One of the richest summer programs

We offer many more activities than any summer program in Italy and selected the most engaging tasks that a teenager can perform in Puglia: afternoons at the seaside, excursions, treasure hunts, boat tours, photo contest, cooking class, parties and much more

3. An exclusive immersion experience

Sometime in the summer camp students are only numbers in large groups, instead we want to offer a language immersion program that is: comprehensive, authentic, personal and of high quality in which the students are always welcome in cheerful environment.

4. Speaking italian all time

We want to offer more then a simple course. The students are stimulated to constantly speak Italian in class with the Italian course (20 lessons weekly) and outside in the afternoon through real life conversations, scenarios, and fun activities to ensure a genuine improvement in the language.
Italian conversation at bar

5. A very friendly environment

Our first goal is to ensure that every student feels at home. As such, we personally take care of every aspect of your stay, and from the first day you will find a family atmosphere, where you can feel relaxed and welcome, and at the same time assisted by our professional and very friendly staff!


The registration for 2021 italian language summer school is open to kids aged between 14 and 17 years old, availability is limited.

Click on this link  ⇒⇒⇒ : https://www.trullischool.com/italian-immersion-program/teenage-summer-camp/

Or contact us to get your 2021 brochure with all informations.: info@trullischool.com


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