General Conditions

General Conditions

Enrolment and Booking

To book your course at Trulli Italian School, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the appropriate enrolment application form.
  2. Send a deposit of € 150,00 by bank transfer to the school and a copy of your payment by email.

We will send you an email of confirmation including all the necessary information about your stay, your course and featured services.

How to pay

The deposit of 150€ will be paid by bank transfert to:

Name: Trulli Italian School
Bank Name: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Alberobello e Sammichele di Bari
BANK ADDRESS: Via Vittime del Fascismo, 8, 70011 Alberobello BA

IBAN:  IT 80 M083 3841 3 2000 001 0004 295


Please note, any costs related to the deposit and/or clearance of bank cheques are considered the financial responsibility of the student.


All group classes run from Monday through to Friday from 9.00 to 12.40 p.m. One lesson equals 50 min . Students must present themselves at school on their first day at 08.45 in order to take a level-test and to be assigned to the corresponding class. In the event of timetables being changed or lessons being shifted from the morning to the afternoon, the student will be notified in advance. In the rare case there are 2 students for one level, the 4 lessons of the standard course will converted in 2 lessons of individual course at the same price or the students to attend for others 2 lessons to a class of similar level.
To make any complaints, students can address our administrative office to talk to the Director of Studies. The lesson times missed during festive days will be caught up on following dates.

Search for accommodation and rules

  1. Finding accommodation is a free service for all students regularly enrolled at school.
  2. Every accommodation available through the school has been carefully selected.
  3. Accommodation is at students’ disposal from some days before the beginning of the course until some days following the end of the course. The arrival time must be communicated to the school at least 4 days before, to guarantee someone will welcome you at your arrival.
  4. In the case of a student wanting to extend his/her stay in accommodation, he/she must notify the school two weeks in advance, in order to guarantee availability.
  5. Sheets and towels are supplied by us.
  6. Adult students who choose to stay in apartments are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of them .
  7. The school acts only as an intermediary between students and accommodations, thus we are not responsible for the dealings between the two parties; in any case the school will do its best to help its students.
  8. If a student decides not to attend classes, or to shorten the stay, he/she is not entitled to any refund.
  9. Under the discretion of the school, you may be required to pay a  deposit of € 100.00, which will be returned to you on the day of your departure. The reimbursement of the deposit, or a part of it, can be denied for the following reasons: lack of cleaning, damages to the apartment and/or furniture, objects and installations.
  10. Hosting other guests without the school’s consent is not allowed.
  11. In order to claim back full repayment, the student is required to send a written cancellation to the school at least 30 days before the beginning of check-in by email. Beyond this date not refund will be made.


In order to claim back full repayment, the student is required to send a written cancellation to the school at least 30 days before the beginning of the Italian course by email. Beyond this date not refund will be made.
Instead of full repayment 30 days before the beginning of the Italian course, payments can be also used as vouchers for the same Italian courses which the student may attend within 1 year from the date of cancellation without refund. Trulli italian school reserves the right to establish the amount and to deduct the costs of remittance of payment and repayment of the amount.


Citizens from EU countries do not need a visa. If the student come from an extra-eu country or if the student opts for a course that lasts for more than 90 days, he/she will have to obtain long term student visa or national visa. Students coming from countries that require a visa to study abroad need to contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their home country beforehand to complete the formalities. A certificate of enrolment is one of the requirements for obtaining a visa. In order to receive a certificate of enrolment, the student must pay the tuition fees in full.


The school declines all responsibility for loss of or damage to a students’ personal possessions. We take no responsibility for damages to accommodation caused by a student. The student will be obligated to fully reimburse the sum owed for repairing the damage caused. Our school assumes no responsibility for injuries of any kind sustained by the student during excursions, activities organised by the school or during lessons.

Insurance, Illness and Medical assistance

During your stay in Italy, it is advised for you to be medically covered for diseases and injuries. EU citizens have the right to free medical assistance by presenting their National health insurance card.

Students from non-EU countries should take out a private health insurance for the entire duration of their stay in Italy.

In the contrary case, the student assumes all responsibility for not being covered. Students are not insured against illness, accidents, theft or loss of personal belongings, either by the school or by the owners of their accommodation.

Any student illness is the responsibility of the student and the school cannot be held responsible.

In case of illness and non-attendance at the course, the lost lesson hours cannot be recover and refund it.

Further information on the junior course

For students requiring transfer from/to Bari or Brindisi airports, arrival should be on Sundays and departure  should be on Saturday at the indicated dates .

The balance must be paid at least 6 weeks prior to arrival.

Students are not covered for any illnesses, accidents, thefts or loss of personal property, (neither at school nor at their accommodation), therefore we recommend the use of private insurance prior to departure.

In the event of damage to the school or homestay property, even if it is an accident, the student will have to pay the full cost of the repair or replacement.

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