Mini Group Course

Activity Info

  • Every Monday
  • At least 1 week
  • 20
  • Max 6
  • All


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Learning in a mini group course is the fastest and most stimulating way to learn “italiano”. Conversations, role play, grammar and collaborative activities allow you to improve day by day, together with other international students. italian course in Puglia

In our lessons, besides grammatical rules, you’ll learn how to be more fluent when speaking, you’ll understand everyday-Italian-speech better and will delve into important aspects of Italian culture, such as: food, art, cinema, sports and history.

Each class never exceeds 5-6 students, conserving the high quality of the lesson and following each student’s individual learning times and necessary requirements.


After an initial test on the first day, the students will be assigned to a class which best suits their level of Italian, according to QCER’s European parameters: beginner (A1 & A2), intermediate (B1 & B2) and advanced (C1 & C2).

The italian course in Mini-Group consists of 4 lessons of Italian language daily, for a total of 20 lessons per week, (from Monday to Friday). The daily times are from 9.00 am to 12.40 am, with a relax-break of 30 minutes every 2 hours of lesson.

Price 2019: 

  • 1 week   €220 /   2 weeks €400  /   3 weeks €600  /   4 weeks €800

September Offer: * 10% discount on all courses!

What you are paying:

  • Registration to the school and taxes.
  • New italian language book for your italian level.
  • First day: map of Alberobello and personalised suggestions on the town.
  • Initial test.
  • All the teaching materials for lessons  (photocopies, multimedia supports, etc.).
  • Free support in finding accommodation.
  • Free Wifi.
  • Final certificate of participation.