15 reason why Puglia is the best place to learn italian

15 reason why Puglia is the best place to learn italian

Where is the best place to study italian? If you a still don’t know in which region of Italy you should learn Italian, we give you 15 reason why you have to buy the first ticket and come in this beautiful region called Puglia.


01. “The best value travel destination in the world” By National Geographic

02. Just an amazing coastline.

03. Crystal clear beaches everywhere.

04. Forget Florence and Venice, just charming village out of turism.

05. You live constantly in a fairy tale.

06. The best Italian (and organic) food.

07. History, art and beauty in every single corner.

08. Unique sea villages.

09. Pratice your italian with real locals.

10. Miles of quite and pristine countryside.

11. Slow down and enjoy the southern life.

12. You will sleep in a hobbit house.

13. Beautiful place where to rest in silence.


14. Extraorindaries wine experience in wineyeard.

15. Learn Italian while cooking with nonna! (granma)


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